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Summary of Changes for ISO 15189:2012 from ISO 15189:2007


The most notable differences between ISO 15189:2007 and ISO 15189:2012 include: 
1. Improved layout and listing of subclauses to make it easier to identify specific subclauses within the document; 
2. A more logical ordering of subclauses under each clause, wherever possible, to reflect the normal 
flow of activities in a laboratory setting. 
3. Additional normative sections (5.9 and 5.10); 
4. Clause 5.8 of ISO 15189:2007 has been split into the requirements for reporting (5.8) and release of results (5.9); 
5. Clause 5.10 is a new section in relation to Laboratory Information Management which has been taken from Annex B - this was previously informative.